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Tax Alert 6 : Taxation on Dividend Based on Omnibus Law

As follow-up to the enactment of Omnibus Law No. 11 Year 2020 in November 2020, the Minister of Finance issued the implementing regulation of this Law, that is Minister of Finance Regulation No. 18/PMK.03/2021 (“PMK 18”) on February 17, 2021. PMK 18 discusses further the implementation of Omnibus Law regarding Income Tax, VAT and Luxury Tax, as well as General Tax Provisions.

Article 14 – 24 & 31 – 43 of the Income Tax Cluster of this PMK 18 further discusses on certain criteria for dividend income to be considered as non-income tax object.

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Attachments :
SS – 2021 – PMK 18.2021 – ENG Vers
Appendix VII of PMK 18PMK.032021 – English Vers