Salaki's Article

Tech Insights from DTICX 2023

We live in a technological era. Technology has become an increasingly important tool in driving business growth and innovation. Technological advances enable companies from all sizes to automate processes across the board – from managing human resources to optimizing internal communication channels – which can help them to eliminate resource-handling delays and frustrations encountered with manual solutions.

To provide a platform for companies to present their technological solutions to potential customers, Adhouse Clarion, Masyarakat Telematika Indonesia (MASTEL) and Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia (APJII), supported by KOMINFO,  held the Digital Transformation Indonesia – Conference & Expo (“DTICX 2023”) on July 26 – 27, 2023 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo) in Kemayoran, North Jakarta. DTICX 2023 brought over 5,000 top leaders and decision-makers from various industries, including Government, Telecommunication, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Utilities, FMCG, Logistics, Infrastructure, and Education. As an effort to expand and elevate our knowledge and exposure to technological development and trends, SALAKI & SALAKI Indonesian Tax Consultant located in Jakarta Selatan, also took part in this exhibition by sending 3 (three) of its employees as delegates. The following is their observation:

The Rise of Artificial Inte

When Covid-19 hit, the whole world had to change and find ways to deal with the disruption, because every individual was faced with extreme physical limitations, especially due to the lock down. With the lock down, activities were automatically limited to only being done at home, starting from working from home, studying from home, shopping from home, and even health consultations from home. These limitations intensively jump-started the development of artificial intelligence, in its simplest to most complex forms. Unconsciously, this new technology has become an integral part of our daily activities, such as social media, digital assistants, self-driving and parking vehicles, email communication, web searching, e-commerce, and many other applications.

KeyReply for Healthcare Industry

Returning to the exhibition we visited, we had the opportunity to explore about KeyReply, a healthcare digital assistant. The idea of using AI digital assistant in the KeyReply application arose because during the pandemic it was not possible for someone to leave the house, and medical personnel were limited. After the pandemic, healthcare was faced with another challenge. Many patients becoming even more impatient, requiring immediate assistance by medical personnel when there was a health issue. This causes clinics and hospitals to have long queue, and patients must wait for a long time to be assisted, even though sometimes the health issues they experience are not serious. KeyReply came as an application that can support the healthcare industry to address this issue. It is a Conversational AI Platform designed to define patient engagement orchestrators by the corresponding health center. Serving as a patient’s personal guide in their healthcare journey, KeyReply offers services that enhance patient engagement, automate tasks such as appointment schedule, provide instant responses to inquiries, and deliver personalized healthcare experiences. In addition to services, it provides accessible and efficient support through platforms such as WhatsApp, Messenger, LINE, and Microsoft Teams in 60 different languages and dialects. With all these advantages, AI applications in the form of digital assistants like KeyReply really help patients in a hospital/clinic to get first aid and reduce the number of queues. For hospitals/clinics, it helps make engagement with patients more personal.

HR Path for Human Re
sources Industry

Not only in the healthcare industry, AI also has been developed to enhance work effectiveness in the Human Resources industry. In the current hybrid working era, people management has become a new challenge for many corporations. There were several challenges usually faced by the companies such as tracking employees workflows for the managers, coordination among division and how the HR and the managers assess employee’s work result. Those challenges made HR Path came as one of the solutions to support HR functions. HR Path can handle attendance, daily tasks, project categorization, and even payroll calculations within a single application. The most important thing, the HR Path can be a solution that eventually contributes to the Company’s performance review.

Internet For All by Telkomsat

Indonesia is an archipelago country which consists of thousands of islands, spread apart in hundreds and thousands of kilometers. With this geographical challenge, satellites can play a vital role in the communication system for certain areas such as remote, underdeveloped, and outermost areas since they are not yet reached by ADSL cable networks, fiber optics or other high speed mobile services. To overcome the lack of internet access for these special areas within Indonesia, Telkomsat collaborated with SpaceX by using Starlink, one of SpaceX’s satellites, to launch two products based on a constellation of low orbit (LEO / Low Earth Orbit) satellites called VSAT Star and Mangoestar. VSAT Star and Mangoestar serve as a solution to extend internet networks to areas not covered by fiber optics. This collaboration between Telkomsat and SpaceX itself begun around 2022 when Telkomsat got the anchoring rights of Starlink and will actively operate in the last quartal of 2023.

After visiting the exhibition, conversing with the exhibitors, and exploring their technological products, we concluded that we are on the precipice of an exciting future. Technology’s impact continues to stretch boundaries, reshaping the way we live and work. Embracing these transformative trends will undoubtedly position businesses as frontrunners in an era defined by innovation. However, as an additional note from us, in facing an era of technology that is so fast and complex, we must remember to always use it wisely, so as not to harm our social relationship and engagement with the people around us.