Professional Development

  • –  English Classes

    We provide internal training for our staffs to develop their English language skills under the guidance of competent and devoted English language instructors from Engliven (;


  • –  Tax Biweekly Newsroom

    As Tax Professionals, we have to always be up-to-date with the changes and developments in tax laws and regulations. Our tax biweekly newsroom serves as a platform for our Tax Professionals to update, discuss, debate and dissect the latest tax regulations, tax trends and tax news;
  • –  Seminars and Conferences

    All of our staffs are encouraged to continue learning while on the job. We believe that a Tax Professional has to be well-rounded both in interpersonal skills, as well as technical skills. In addition to taxation, we have to also understand business decision-making, accounting, prevailing laws and regulations of particular industries, financial market, etc. Therefore, we always ensure that our staffs are well-rounded in their personal and professional developments by providing a variety of seminars and conference opportunities, not only in the area of taxation, but also in the area of accounting, law, capital market, communication, and other areas relevant to our profession.
  • –  Professional Certification

    We sponsor our staffs to pursue relevant professional certification. As an incentive, we provide financial rewards for those who are successful in obtaining their professional certification, especially for those who are able to obtain it in one take;
  • –   Continuing Education

    Getting another Bachelor degree? Pursuing a Master? Enrolling in a high-profile Tax Academy? We provide scholarship opportunity for selected staffs who demonstrate exceptional quality of work and dedication to excellence to continue their education to the next level.