Our Team

Ahmad Khadafi

I feel happiest when I can help clients in ensuring that their tax affairs are well organized and in accordance with existing regulations.

Dafi has been working at SALAKI & SALAKI for over 4 (four) years. He is a diligent, agile, hardworking individual. Prior to working with SALAKI & SALAKI, he worked as internal Tax Accountant in various industries, including Telecommunication, Retail, and Automotive.

Working with SALAKI has been an enjoyable experience for Dafi. By now, he has worked with clients from a range of industries including Marketing, Galvanizing, Drilling Technology, and Conservation. Dafi believes that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. His clients have been sending high praises for Dafi’s prompt, informative, and easy-going approach. For Dafi, receiving such acknowledgement is one of the best, most satisfying achievements he ever has.

Dafi’s hobbies include football and futsal.

Dzaki Aflah Fadhullah

I have been dreaming to be a Tax Consultant one day, and I am now at the promising place to achieve it.

During his study at the Faculty of Economics at Universitas Muhammadiyah Jakarta, Dzaki joined Salaki on an internship program as he desired to be a Tax Consultant. As he saw the growth potential working in SALAKI, right after graduating from the University, he chose SALAKI to start his career journey as a Tax Consultant. Despite being the youngest member of the Team during his first year in SALAKI, given his high desire to learn, he was entrusted with the opportunity to handle several projects for high-net worth individuals. And Dzaki did tremendously well! Those job-well-done have led him to be entrusted with bigger opportunities, which are handling more advanced projects, both for individual and corporate clients.  

Dzaki believes that “we cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sail to reach the final destination”.

Husna Ayu Lestari

I feel alive when I am able to deliver what I’ve learned for others, to help them achieve their goals.

Husna has been working with SALAKI since September 2018. Before she became a Tax Associate, Husna started her career at Salaki as Accounting & Finance Assistance. In her current role as Tax Associate, she assists clients in various areas such as accounting service, monthly tax reporting, annual tax reporting, and tax field cases.

She believes ‘continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection’. She enjoys working with SALAKI, delivering valuable services for the Clients.

To maintain work life balance, Husna enjoys watching K-Drama, listening to podcasts, and hanging out with her friends in her free time.

Oki Merina

Tax Consulting is one of the most fascinating areas of law as it’s like playing a chess game where the Government keeps changing the rules and we have to teach the clients how to play.

Oki has been working with SALAKI & SALAKI since 2012. From her 10 years of career as a tax consultant, she gained numerous experiences helping clients in a variety of projects and cases, such as monthly and annual tax compliances, tax audits and objections, tax appeals, as well as tax consulting for tax planning. She has been an associate member of Indonesian Public Tax Consultant Association (AKP2I) since 2018. She holds Tax Court Attorney license to assist clients obtaining justice in the Tax Court. Holding B Level Indonesian Tax Consultant Certification, Oki is one of the SALAKI & SALAKI’s Associates qualified in assisting Individual and Corporate Taxpayers dealing with Tax Officers in tax dispute cases.

After office hours, you can find Oki at the gym doing weightlifting to keep in shape.

Sherly Nur Haliyah

My passion is working with numbers. Being able to assist my clients solving their tax problems while also working around with numbers, indeed is so rewarding.

After graduated from Universitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran – Jakarta with a major in Accounting, Sherly started off her career working as a tax consultant with SALAKI & SALAKI. She has been assisting diverse clients with their Monthly Income Tax Returns, Annual Tax Returns, and Book-keepings. Sherly has a very strong sense and logic of accounting. Thanks to her experience working as Assistant Lecturer for Advance Accounting during her final year in college, she is very quick and precise in understanding accounting journals, as well as spotting discrepancies and errors in accounting data. Having a cheerful personality regardless situations and circumstances, Sherly is a person who is easy and fun to work with.

Sherly loves watching Korean dramas. If you need any recommendation, just call her.😉