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Husna Ayu Lestari: Continuously Improving!

Just recently we celebrated one of our team members, Husna Ayu Lestari (Husna), who received full scholarship rewarded by SALAKI & SALAKI to continue her undergraduate study in Universitas Al-Azhar Indonesia for the next three years. Husna is majoring in Accounting.


As a Finance & Accounting Assistant, Husna helps our Finance & Accounting Manager in administrative matters related to corporate finance and accounting, and also in preparing company’s monthly Income Tax and VAT Returns. After graduating from SMKN 6 Jakarta, Husna started her career in a fashion retail company before finally joining SALAKI & SALAKI in 2017.

Applying for a job in a place that is very different from her previous job, Husna did not have any idea at that time how her role and work in SALAKI & SALAKI would proceed. But after working here for 2 (two) years, not only Husna understands what her role is, but much more than that – she learns another lesson that she believes can be an added value to her. For Husna, “Working here is not only about completing our job responsibilities. Working here also means being required to develop ourselves. For example, the Newsroom weekly program. It helps to broaden my horizon because I am required to read news and tax information more often. I even need to analyze them and present them to the team. Since I also need to assist my Manager in contacting vendors and clients, consequently I also gain more self-confidence because I am accustomed to dealing with people more, from a variety of backgrounds.”                                                 


What Husna describes above is actually one of SALAKI & SALAKI’s values, that is continuous improvement – the trait of being and delivering the best. Every staff is strongly supported to break his or her own limit in order to always improve in various aspects of life, consistently and continuously

This attitude is reflected in Husna, who initially applied to SALAKI & SALAKI because she wanted to get a better job than before. She said, “Initially I had no thought about going to university to continue my study, but after joining SALAKI & SALAKI and being exposed to many things here, I felt that my current abilities were still far from what I should be able to achieve. Therefore, I decided to continue my study to gain more knowledge and skills. And our Company supports that.”


At the end, Husna who usually spends her leisure time travelling or hanging out with friends has a principle that “as long as I can, I will continue to develop myself and skill set so that I will not stay in the same point.” We wish Husna nothing but success and progress, both in her work and study. Congratulations again, Husna!

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