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Excel File Template for Tax Amnesty Additional Assets Status Report / Template File Excel untuk Pelaporan Status Harta Tax Amnesty

DGT Regulation PER-25/PJ/2017, which is a follow-up regulation to complement Ministry of Finance Regulation No. 169/PMK.010/2015, which provides detail guidance on the calculation of Debt to Equity Ratio for the purpose of Corporate Income Tax Return, as well as the reporting of foreign private loan.

In summary, based on this PER-25/PJ/2017, if you are a Corporate Taxpayer that is established or domiciled in Indonesia, if you fulfill certain criterion, you are required to submit:

  1. Report on the Calculation of Debt to Equity Ratio; and
  2. Report on Foreign Private Loan

as attachments to your Corporate Income Tax Return. This requirement is applied for FY 2017 onwards.

Attachments :
validasi pelaporan harta dalam negeri validasi pelaporan harta repatriasi
validasi pelaporan harta dalam negeri




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