Employee Testimonials

Working with Salaki drives me to continuously improve to be a good tax consultant. Started working on simple projects to more challenging ones, Salaki also helps me to analyze both my strengths and weaknesses and supports me with training and/or courses so that I can overcome my weaknesses and highlight my strengths even more.

Achmad Khadafi
Senior Tax Associate

I am excited and proud for having Salaki & Salaki as the very first step of my working experiences. Salaki & Salaki cares about its employees’ professional development and provides the way, the opportunities to reach towards that development.

Dzaki Aflah Fadhullah
Junior Tax Associate

Working in a service company, people are the only assets. For this 8 years, it has been filled with learning and growing within the organization. With Salaki, I have leader to always support me to grow professionally and personally. I am looking forward to many more years with Salaki contributing to the growth of the organization.

Oki Merina
Senior Tax Associate

I have been working with Salaki & Salaki since 1996. In Salaki, I gain many lessons & knowledge, especially about taxes from Ms. Irene Salaki & Ms. Cindy Salaki and accounting from the late Mr. Roy Salaki. It is such a precious experience to work with Salaki & Salaki.

Lina Setiadi
Finance & Accounting Manager


As a first step in experiencing taxation practices, an internship at Salaki & Salaki is something I will always be grateful for. Working in Salaki & Salaki really encouraged me to learn many things about taxation that I wouldn’t get if I only studied from college.